The Real Estate Majlis



7 secrets of sales | Yulia

In this episode of "7 secrets of sales," our guest expert Yulia reveals the secrets of selling real estate. From identifying the right target audience to effective communication and negotiation tactics, you'll learn how to increase your chances of closing more deals and become a top-performing real estate professional. Tune in now!

How to use property portals to increase conversions | Owais Andrabi

In this episode of "How to use property portals to increase conversions" we discuss how to use property portals to increase conversions. Our expert guest shares tips and strategies for optimizing your property listings, using analytics to track performance, and leveraging portal features to attract more leads and convert them into clients. Tune in now to take your real estate sales game to the next level.


How to sell property by ThinkProp is a podcast series designed for real estate agents and brokers looking to improve their sales skills and close more deals. Each episode features experienced industry experts who share their knowledge and insights on various topics related to selling in real estate, including lead generation, negotiation tactics, market trends, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this podcast will provide you with valuable tips and strategies to take your real estate sales game to the next level. Tune in and learn how to sell with confidence and maximize your success in the competitive world of real estate.